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Albert Gonzalez Balagué is a catalan DJ and producer from Barcelona focused in commercial sounds and EDM, as well as Berth G Tech House.

Currently, resident DJ of RED 74 disco (Castellón), artist of the promoter group Deejay Sounds and an announcer on a famous dance radio Loca FM.
He is studying music production at Sono Pro school (Barcelona) and video DJ and sound in the Mercè.

He began as a young boy, since he was observing the the work of his father, a company of sound and lighting assemblies. With only eight years he began as a DJ making his own sets and uploading them to the internet.

He found his style in 2010, which was House music. Since then, he has created his own bootlegs, remixes, mashups. The he attended a production Masterclass, which encouraged him to produce his own original mixes that were introduced to the market by Zero Records, Tretmuehle, Solguz Recording with his pwn EP, Seventy Nine Records, La Cúpula and Ahoren Records, among others.

He won the MATINEE GROUP DJ contest and he was 2nd in the TIGNES 2012 contest, an international competition with over 500 sessions.

By the moment, he has shared the DJ booth with names like Danny Leblack, Ruben Rider, Taito Tikaro and Blanca Ross among many others. He has also played at Sala Metro (Amposta), Red 74 (Vinarós), Club Sunset (La Ràpita) and Mediterrani (La Ràpita), among many others.

He also played some big festivals like Dream Festival (Gandia), Matinée (Alcanar) and Oppening DS (Vilalba).

Currently this Young DJ is considered to be one of the bests in his style. Giving all his sets a very sweet treat.