Mediterranea Electronic Festival

A whole new 360-degree experience.

Project Description

Mediterranea Electronic Festival was born in search of something different, something historical, something amazing.

Midnight at Work introduces the idea of a music festival held in a historical place such as La Ciutadella de Roses, a Roman citadel with more than 25 centuries of history, worldwide known DJs, 2 different stages and lots of activities to make people live a completely next-level experience.

During the whole day, Mediterranea Electronic Festival will hold different activities, from a 3h boat party to begin the day to an official after party for the bravest.

Even so, the jewel in the crown of the journey will be the main act, Mediterranea Electronic Festival, held in the middle of La Ciutadella de Roses, offering 12h of non-stop music from 4pm to 4am.

The chosen ones to hold the reins of such a special event will be Carnage, Juicy M, DJs From Mars, Luka Caro, Ruben Rider and the Catalan duo Madness Gangsters in the main stage, as well as the Suara founder Coyu, along with Toni Varga, Lexlay and Bastian Bux taking care of the Techno Stage among many other artists.

Although the line up is next level, Mediterranea is not just about the music. Mediterranea is about the feeling, about sharing experiences with other people no matter whether they are know or unknown.

For this special purpose, the festival will have a lot of activities apart from music, such as a chill out area with massage service, body painting, a water slide and different team games to involve people in the festival.

With this project, Midnight at Work definitely offers a 360-degree experience, a place to enjoy with your friends, a place to know new people, a place to be just you and enter a world that we’re sure you’ll never forget.

¡Save the date! Saturday, August 20th, 2016