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Ruben Rider starts his first steps in the music industry a decade ago, playing in some venues a variety of styles such as Dance, House, Latin and Electro House, with a quality live set that made him increase his fan base.

During his musical career, he has shared the DJ booth with many international artists such as Cuckie, Hardwell, Afrojack and Quintino, as well as with many well known national DJs like Victor Magan, Joan Reyes or Wally Lopez. All of this inputs made him able to feel confortable in many different music genres.

In 2010 he started producing tracks. His first originals were “Get Up” (Good feeling) and “SuperJump” (Club 33). Followed by many bootlegs of international songs such as “Love the way you lie” from Rihanna or “Low” from Florida, reaching the highest places in national and international radio stations like World Dance Music and Flaix FM.

In 2012 starts his project on its own to find new musical objectives and he soon starts to find his own particular sound. His first track in this period was “EXTASY” with Jia Miles.

He kept walking on his own, producing and releasing new tracks in Germany and The Netherlands with singles like “Airun”, remixing the one and only Robbie Riviera.

His latest creation is a bouncy track made with Jia Miles which you can hear in the Spanish radio station Flaix FM.

Having remixed tracks for Luka Caro, Marsal Ventura and Erik Tyler among many others, he’s currently part of the Midnight at Work team as a resident DJ, playing throughout all Spain in their events and festivals.