Project Info

Project Description

Tramunfest symbolizes the roots, the origins, the most pure reincarnation of the rave scene putted together to create a 2 stage, 12h non-stop music festival of the most pure Techno and underground music genres.

From 10pm to 10am we will dance to the sound of the most underground artists till our body gets exhausted.

During the whole festival, we will find two different stages with the best artists. One stage will delight the Techno lovers with twelve hours of the most pure sounds, while the other one will hold a line up that will blow all underground lovers’ minds.

Located in the middle of the nature, Tramunfest stands out for being one of the craziest festivals of the summer, with its unique style and atmosphere.

The chosen ones for this year’s Techno Stage will be Marc Maya, George Privatti and Dot Chandler (aka Fernanda Martins) to name a few, while moving onto the Underground Stage, we will enjoy the sound of The Braindrillerz, Radium, Billx vs. Floxytek, Gonzi, Mandidextrous and Richie Gee vs. Lady Dammage among many others.

Tramunfest is not just its line up, it’s the rave atmosphere that creates, it’s dancing till the sun comes up, it’s the ground below our feet, the sand in our face.

It may not be the most commercial festival, but this is just what we want and what makes it so unique.

It’s a festival for the most underground people, a truly free spirit which we seem to have forgotten and too difficult to find nowadays.